About Us

In every culture around the world, names carry a special meaning. They are more than just labels, they are symbols that convey deep stories and values. But what does “Ohema” mean and where does this expression come from?

The name Ohema has its roots in Ghanaian and West African culture. More specifically, it comes from the Akan languages ​​and means "queen". This word is symbolic of self-confidence, strength and beauty - qualities that we want to recognize and celebrate in every woman.

Driven by this appreciation, a group of friends came together with a vision: How can we give something back to our “queens”? How can we help celebrate and enhance their unique beauty?

Our main concern is to celebrate the individual beauty of each individual. Our mission goes beyond just offering products. We strive to provide a diverse selection of high-quality hair and care products that not only improve the physical appearance. Rather, they are intended to promote self-confidence, self-expression and self-love.

At Ohema we believe that every woman is a queen - strong, confident and beautiful. With our products we want to help you lift your crown and celebrate your uniqueness.

Elevate your crown!